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The EUM family of tools is designed for individuals, groups and formal organizations business and non-business. They are tools that provide incisive insights into the nature of the unit being studied, and offer a rich basis for exploration, dialogue and development directions. They offer critical inputs for alignment – be it personal or organizational, growth and evolution.

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EUM - I ©

The EUM - I is a tool developed to understand an individual from a holistic perspective. It maps an individual’s self perception, propensity for change, perception of the world and his position in it. It also helps individuals in discovering new action choices towards fulfililing their potential.

EUM - O ©

The EUM - O helps map an organization identity / culture. It is based on the premise that each organisation operates from a unique combination of various existential levels.This combination gives insights into the proclivities, entrenchments and issues of the organisation.


Getting certified in the use of the EUM-I and EUM-O allows you to deploy the tools in your organization or in your practice. As a Certified EUM Practitioner you join a community of EUM practitioners and have access to EUM administration suite and to faculty consultations. Know more...